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Tippah County Jail

Tippah County Jail

Circa 1938

Ripley, Mississippi (Tippah County)

Built in 1938, the Tippah County Jail appears more massive than it actually is, an illusion caused by its solid poured-concrete construction.  The two-story structure exhibits the Art Moderne style, which makes it unique in Ripley, and rare in the state.  The most striking details are on the façade where the words “County Jail” are spelled out vertically, and geometric banding adorns the area between the upper and lower windows.  The interior, although spare, is almost completely intact, still retaining its jail cells and doors.

The building was in use as the county jail until about 2000, when it was vacated for a new jail across the street.  Since then, the building has only been used for storage, and water damage from the leaking roof is already evident in some rooms.  The Tippah County Historical Society and the county and city would like to renovate the building for use as an archives for local records, but funding has so far been unavailable.

2017 Update – Saved

In 2005, a $115,000 Community Heritage Preservation Grant was awarded for the rehabilitation of the building for use as a local records archives. Work was completed in 2008, and Tippah County made plans to begin moving its historical archives into the facility during the fourth quarter of 2009. The building is still being used to store local records and documents.

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