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The Old Co-Op and Dairy Farms of Oktibbeha County

Dairy Farms of Oktibbeha County and the Old Co-Op in Starkville

Starkville, Mississippi (Oktibbeha County)

Opened in 1929 with great fanfare and high expectations, the Cooperative Creamery in Starkville, in Oktibbeha County represented the growth and importance of the dairy industry in Mississippi following the decline in the cotton culture. At its height in 1958, Oktibbeha County’s dairy industry relied on 123 family-run dairy farms. In 2001, the county has six dairy farms, and the once modern and gleaming Creamery is a roofless shell of a building. The Creamery’s steel frame and windows, gleaming interior tile, and yellow exterior are waiting for a new use and for recognition of their part in local and state agricultural history.

2017 Update – Lost

Unfortunately, the Cooperative Creamery was demolished in 2005. Development continues to occur on the lands formerly occupied by the Oktibbeha County Dairy Farms, erasing the agricultural history of the area.  In 2017, there are no remaining dairies in Oktibbeha County.

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