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Taborian Hospital

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Taborian Hospital

Mound Bayou, Mississippi

Like its host city, the Taborian Hospital in Mound Bayou is both unique and remarkable. Built by the McKissick Construction Company of Nashville, Tennessee in the modern style, the hospital was dedicated in 1942. At a time when medical facilities for African Americans were almost nonexistent, it offered a 42-bed facility through the auspices of the Taborians and Meharry Medical School. The Taborians were a forward-thinking African American fraternal organization that originally offered burial insurance to their members. When it became clear that this group’s needs were not being addressed by any existing caregivers, the Taborians expanded their services to include medical care. Staffed by medical personnel from Meharry Medical School in Nashville, the hospital operated until the mid-1960s. At this time, Medicare finally forced the integration of formerly segregated hospitals and the small scale of Taborian could no longer economically compete with the larger Delta hospitals.

2017 Update – Saved

Restoration began in 2011 to restore this site as a hospital and regional care center. The Taborian Urgent Care Center, Inc. opened on August 21, 2014 and provides care to this region, which has long been in great need of medical professionals. In March 2015, the state-of-the-art facility announced a partnership with The MIND (Memory Impairment Neurodegenerative Dementia) Center at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson to provide telemedicine to its patients.  The rebirth of the Taborian Hospital was a tremendous preservation victory for Mound Bayou and Mississippi.

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