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Old Corinth Machinery

Old Corinth Machinery

Corinth, Mississippi
The building located in Corinth known as the Old Corinth Machinery is the oldest surviving industrial building in Mississippi. It was built in 1869 by architect Martin Seigrest, who built many of Corinth’s buildings including Rubel’s Department Store. In the past, the building housed a woolen factory and machinery which produced sawmill carriages. Today, its Canadian owners have abandoned the structure, allowing it to fall prey to the elements.


2017 Update – Lost

A preservation easement has been conveyed for the historic Corinth Machinery Building, ensuring that any future changes to the building would be sympathetic with its original character.  Plans were announced to renovate the building for market-rate apartments; however, work never progressed and the building continued to deteriorate. In 2012, heavy storms caused large portions of the building’s brick walls to collapse.

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