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Old Bridgeport Road

Old Bridgeport Road


Bolton, Mississippi (Hinds County)

This narrow unpaved lane, nestled within deep embankments under a canopy of mature trees, is a remnant of one of the state’s earliest major roads, authorized by the Legislature in 1822 to connect the new capital of Jackson with the Mississippi River at Vicksburg. Bridgeport Road was a post road and a stagecoach route before the Civil War, and was used by troops of both the Confederate and Union armies during the Civil War.

The remaining original segment of Bridgeport Road, now extending only about three tenths of a mile, is a rare surviving early 19th century road that has never been subjected to paving, widening, or straightening.  This segment was designated as a Mississippi Landmark by the Mississippi Department of Archives and History in 1989.

In order to facilitate vehicular access through the area, the County has proposed to widen the road, which would require cutting back the embankments and cutting much of the tree canopy.  Local property owners seeking to preserve the road have urged the County to construct a new road bypassing this short stretch of Old Bridgeport Road, allowing it to remain intact, but the County has resisted that proposal, and the historic character of this venerable road remains threatened.

2017 Update  – Saved

Hinds County abandoned a previous proposal to widen the road. Bridgeport Road is in private hands and continues to be protected from being altered. Alan Huffman, an author, and journalist is the only resident of Bridgeport Road.


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