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Moss Point Central Fire Station

Moss Point Central Fire Station

4323 McInnis Avenue | Moss Point, MS
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places
Nominated for Mississippi Landmark designation



Constructed in 1926 as the Moss Point Water Works Building, this interesting historic structure has served the community in many capacities in its 87 year history, including city hall, a public bath house, a jail, a police station, a library and, most recently, a fire station. Moss Point residents have fond memories of decorating homecoming floats in the open bays to the rear of the building. Currently in a dilapidated state, Moss Point Central Fire Station sits across the street from the city’s newly constructed $3 million dollar City Hall.



The Moss Point City Council voted 6-1 to demolish the building at its July 16, 2013 meeting. The Moss Point Historical Commission has been a vocal proponent of restoring the building for a new community use and has submitted applications for the Moss Point Central Fire Station to be listed as both a local and Mississippi Landmark. In a recent public poll, 66% of the participants voted that the building was one of the city’s historic treasures and should be restored.

Nominated by: Moss Point Historical Commission

2017 Update- Lost

Without a permit and without warning the City of Moss Point demolished the Moss Point Central Fire Station on July 18, 2015.

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