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Merrill-Maley House

Merrill-Maley House

Jackson, Mississippi
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places

With its six grand Corinthian columns supporting a portico centered on the façade, the Merrill-Maley House is a fine example of the Colonial Revival style of architecture popular in the early 20th century.  Built in 1907 by Philip S. Merrill, manager of the George B. Merrill and Brothers Lumber Company, the house later become the home of Charles E. Maley, also a lumberman.  As the more desirable residential development of Jackson moved north in the 1940s, State Street gradually became more commercial in character, with many of its lovely homes being demolished.  Over the years, the Merrill-Maley House has been used as social club for servicemen during World War II, a women’s dress shop, an apartment building and an antique shop.  The building is currently vacant.

2015 Update – In Progress

After years of being vacant, this property has a new owner – contractor Holt Beasley and his mother Carole. Restoration and rehabilitation work is in progress with the intent to lease the property for office space in 2016. Exterior columns have been reworked, the building has been cleaned, and partitions are being built. The Beasleys are working to reconfigure the original staircase based on a 1940s photograph using original pieces of the banister that were found.

Nominated by:  Concerned State Street Neighbors

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