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Lowry House

Flannegan-Lowry House

circa 1870

Jackson, Hinds County

Documented to the 1870’s but possibly built earlier, the Lowry House is an example of the “galleried planter’s cottage,” a regionally important house form of the 19th century. Examples were once widespread in the Jackson area, but very few now remain. Governor Robert Lowry, who served in office from 1882-1890, purchased the home shortly after leaving office and used it as his Jackson residence for about 30 years. Governor Lowry was a proponent of industrial development and strongly supported the expansion of Mississippi’s railroad system, which experienced spectacular growth during his years in office. The house originally faced Fortification Street and in 1914 was moved to make way for the extension of North Congress Street. The house was then moved to a newly opened lot on North Congress Street. In 2005, the house was in the path of the expansion of the Baptist Hospital and once again had to be moved to be saved. That year, Baptist Health Systems bought the Lowry House and donated it to MHT for its relocation and restoration as MHT’s new headquarters. In December 2005, MHT was awarded a Community Heritage Grant from MDAH for the relocation of the Lowry House. In the spring of 2007, work began on the foundation on the new lot and in the summer the house was moved. In 2008 the porches were restored with grant money from the 1772 Foundation. A Historic Structures Report was completed in 2009. Another grant was awarded in 2009 from MDAH for the restoration of the exterior and architectural plans for exterior were completed in 2010.


2015 Update – Saved

In 2005, the Mississippi Heritage Trust took up the challenge of relocating and restoring this architectural gem.  After ten years of hard work, the restoration of the Lowry House is nearing completion.  Once fully restored, the Lowry House will be premier events venue for Jackson, as well as headquarters for the Mississippi Heritage Trust.


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