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Indian Mounds

Indian Mounds


Most of the Indian Mounds in Mississippi are on privately-owned land. As a result, many mounds in the state have been irreparably damaged or completely destroyed by modern development and looting. Indian mounds, therefore, are critically endangered cultural sites. Untold numbers of the old monuments have already been lost, and secrets of our nation’s past have vanished with them. The mounds that remain stand as a testament to the vitality, diversity, and creativity of their makers, who developed the complex societies of long ago. There has been progress made with the development of a tour of Indian Mounds in Mississippi, and the opening of a Visitor Center at the Pocahontas Mound, on-going excavations by University of Mississippi, Mississippi State University and University of Southern Mississippi across the state. Unfortunately several mounds on private property across the state have been bulldozed to avoid any state land marking of the mounds.


2015 Update – In Progress

In 2016, mound enthusiasts can travel The Mississippi Mound Trail (MMT), a self-guided driving tour located along Highway 61. Designed by the Mississippi Department of Archives and History, the trail parallels the Mississippi River, one of the greatest commercial waterways in our country and extensively traveled by Indians of the past. This project will raise awareness and enhance protection of the vast array of prehistoric Indian mounds and earthworks in Mississippi. The mounds featured are Boyd, Bear Creek, Bynum, Emerald, Grand Village, Jaketown, Nanih Waiya, Pharr, Pocahontas, Owl Creek, and Winterville.

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