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Hugh Craft & Son Surveying Office

Hugh Craft & Son Surveying Office

Holly Springs  •  Nominated by Preserve Marshall County & Holly Springs

Hugh Craft came to Holly Springs in 1839 as a contract surveyor for the Federal government and the American Land Company to survey the newly opened Chickasaw Cession. After the American Land Company folded, Craft stayed in Holly Springs and started his own private surveying firm, working on much of the earliest land transfers in Holly Springs and North Mississippi. Constructed prior to 1846, the Hugh Craft & Son Surveying Office is a rare example of an early professional office. Originally located at the intersection of North Memphis Street and Gholson Avenue, the building was relocated to its present site when City Hall was built in 1925. Owned by the City of Holly Springs, the building currently sits vacant and in need of repair.

In July 2015, the Holly Springs Board of Alderman voted to demolish the Hugh Craft & Son Surveying Office to create parking or green space. Since that time, the City of Holly Springs has stated that it is working to find funding to restore the building, but the vote to demolish the structure has not been officially reversed.

2017-Update In Progress 

The City of Holly Springs has no desire to demolish this important piece of Marshall County’s history; therefore, it is no longer threatened. The City has made some structural repairs and restored the back porch. There is still some work to be done before the building is fully resotred.


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