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Historic Cemeteries

Historic Cemeteries


Historic cemeteries statewide are faced with vandalism, theft, neglect, and erosion from the elements. Lack of funds for cemetery maintenance is an increasing concern, especially with privately-owned and family cemeteries. These cemeteries are too important to lose, as many of them contain exquisite marble and stone monuments and highly detailed ironwork. In November 2004, MHT hosted a Cemetery Preservation Workshop in Biloxi to help people deal with these issues. The event attracted people from all over the state to attend educational sessions led by speakers from around the nation. The workshop served as a great resource for participants to learn about the many aspects of cemetery preservation. Numerous cemeteries across the state are still suffering from vandalism and neglect; however there are some bright spots like the restoration of the Biloxi City Cemetery after extensive damage from Hurricane Katrina.

2015 Update – In Progress

With annual cemetery tours from Biloxi to Columbus and dedicated volunteer groups such as the Beulah Restoration Committee in Vicksburg and the Greenwood Cemetery Association in Jackson, work continues to preserve our state’s many historic cemeteries.

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