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Grenada Airfield Hangar

Grenada Airfield Hangar

Grenada  •  Nominated by the Save the Airport Hangar Committee, Grenada Historic Preservation Commission.

Owned by the City of Grenada, the Grenada Airfield Hangar was built in 1943 and opened in February of 1944. Originally in operation during World War II, the airfield hangar served as home to the 443rd Air Support Command, 63rd Troop Carrier Group, 877th Airborne Engineering Batallion, 10th Troop Carrier Group, and the 809th Air Force Unit. Still in use today, the Grenada Airfield Hangar is one of the few surviving wooden hangars.

The Grenada Airfield Hangar is suffering from long-deferred maintenance, with severe roof damage and inoperable doors. There has been discussion about demolishing the building, but the Save the Airport Hangar Committee is working with the City of Grenada to raise funds for the restoration of the building.

2017 Update- In Progress

The City of Grenada has received funding from the Mississippi Department of Archives and History Community Heritage Preservation Grant Program to begin the restoration of the Grenada Airfield Hangar.

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