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2017 Call for Nominations

Misguided public policy.  A lack of understanding about what makes a building historic and therefore worthy of preservation.  Natural disasters.  Lack of funding.  Apathy.

The threats to our historic resources in Mississippi are many and the obstacles to saving them can at times seem overwhelming.  But, the rewards for the individuals and communities that are willing to take up the fight are so great.  Just ask folks in Ocean Springs what downtown would be like without the Mary C. O’Keefe Cultural Center.  Or imagine Port Gibson’s iconic Church Street as an expressway.  Since the first list of Mississippi’s 10 Most Endangered Historic Places in Mississippi was published in 1999, the Mississippi Heritage Trust has shined a much-needed spotlight on 100 threatened historic places around the state.  There have been some great victories, as well as crushing losses, while a number of communities are still working to find the resources and support to save their treasured churches, bridges, courthouses and schools.

Please help the Mississippi Heritage Trust recognize these fragile historic places that face an uncertain future by nominating an endangered historic site in your community for listing as one of 2017’s 10 Most Endangered Historic Places in Mississippi.  Please email your recommendation to by July 31 and include the name and address of the historic place, your contact information, a brief history of the place and why it is endangered.  Please also include several photographs of the historic place.  Nominations will be reviewed by a jury of 10 preservationists from around the state.

The 2017 10 Most Endangered Historic Places in Mississippi will be announced on Thursday, October 19 at the Lowry House in Jackson, once listed as endangered and now the headquarters for the Mississippi Heritage Trust and community gathering place.

2015 10 Most

Mississippi State Historic Tax Credit 

Grenada Airfield Hangar 

Hugh Craft Cottage

Jourdan River School 

Margaret’s Grocery


Old Wilkinson County Jail 

Phoenix Naval Stores 

The French Hotel 

Webb Depot

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